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I'm pleased with Verizon Wireless. This is not something I say often. You may recall that a couple months back, after unusually high text usage (30), I was contacted by the company to try to sell me a plan. They failed, since not one of their plans was cheaper than what I'd spent paying per message. If they'd had a $5 plan, I would have taken it, but they couldn't offer me that.

Yesterday, I got an email offering me a $5 text plan, for 250 texts per month, plus half the cost for any overage. I endorse this proposal! So I went to the website to sign up. To my great delight, they will also now let me drop the $5 per month data plan I was required to take when I bought the phone, even though I have no intention of using data on it. Not even sure what you could do with it. So now for the same price, I can get something I might use instead of something I will never use. And it didn't force me into a contract, so if I want to change carriers after I move, I'm still free to do so.

So, as of the start of my next billing cycle -- Wednesday next week -- I shall now be much more receptive to text conversations.


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Aug. 16th, 2011 12:42 am (UTC)
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