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Work begins to be a bit peculiar. Joe's telling people around town that I'm leaving. I've had several conversations this week that started with "Why are you leaving us?" It's gratifying to know I'm appreciated. I wish I could get letters of recommendation from all of them! But it's sad too. And also disconcerting; I haven't been telling anyone, so I'm always surprised when someone knows. I don't mind, of course. I wasn't going to say anything until we had a new person in place, but that's for Joe's benefit, so it's up to him what he wants to disclose.

It's also strange to be screening the resumes for my own job. When I've done this before, it was for someone to work with. It doesn't matter if this person works well with me, they just need to be able to replace me. The parts that aren't institutional knowledge, anyway. The top two candidates are coming in for interviews tomorrow afternoon. One of them isn't working, and if she's the right fit then she could start as soon as Monday. That's a daunting thought. I've appropriated all three desks, since I've been doing all three jobs. At least that one's going to be the easiest to clean up. I might spend some time at the office this weekend, whichever day I'm not at Maker Faire, however.

All of this is not before time. I don't have a firm end date yet, but I've been saying end of October. The 28th is a Friday and the end of a pay period, so it seems most natural. That's only six weeks away. If it takes a little longer for him to find someone or if there's more needed -- in my opinion, not his -- I'm willing to give him an additional two weeks, to November 11. That's as far as I'll go, though. I have commitments starting partway through the week after.

Eight weeks at very most. It's going to fly. I'll blink and that will be it. (Also, the weeping angel will eat me.)
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