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Wicked Faire 2012

The theme for Wicked Faire this year was Halloween: Welcome Home. I understand the premise, that it was a time when being a freak was normal so it was the time when the outsiders felt comfortable. But it never worked that way for me. Halloween was just one more awkward holiday when I didn't understand the media references, what I wore didn't fit in, and my family observed in such an understated fashion that I can hardly call it celebrating. And it's hardly my thing now either. Costuming and makeup are simply not my forte in the slightest, and pre-made costumes for fat chicks are just horrible. I've had only two good costume ideas in the last ten years: Lady Godiva (back when I had the hair for it) and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters.

Besides, I'm an arachnophobe. Why on earth would I enjoy a holiday that uses one of my greatest fears as a decorative motif?

As it turned out, though, the Halloween theme was mostly understated except in the decorations, and almost all the spiders were clearly artificial. And I did enjoy the Welcome Home part of the theme. I still tend to think of myself as a newcomer and outsider, but I seriously need to rethink that. I don't think there was a time all weekend when I could have looked around and not seen anyone I knew. It felt good to be among my people, the ones whose hobbies are as offbeat or outlandish as my own, the ones who couldn't live in the Midwest.

As for what was going on amid all this camaraderie, in no particular order:

  • Within minutes after checking into the hotel, I got trapped in the bathroom because the lock was broken. I did eventually manage to extricate myself, after applying significant effort. Of course, when the maintenance guy came upstairs, it was working fine. As it continued to do for two and a half days, at which point we dropped our guard, and that was when Hugh got locked inside. Also, at one point when it was OPEN the door reached out and bit me, I swear. I know it's supposed to be a badge of honor to leave an event with a kink component with brand-new noticeable bruises, but I'm pretty sure that if it's just from fighting with a door that I'm doing it wrong.

  • Speaking of kink, I did finally manage to see the wicked part of Wicked Faire, which is to say the 18+ hallway. I was a little surprised that in 4 (I think) visits, I only once saw someone checking IDs, and he didn't ask for mine. It's not that I think I look young enough to be questioned, but last year they were rigorously checking ID on every person, every time. This was only one example of security seeming a little bit lax this year, both the event security and the hotel security. Then again, it could just be that it seemed lax because the overall guest behavior was worse this year, which was certainly the case.

  • I did NOT buy any jewelry this time, though I was sorely tempted. I like the shinies, I do. I very seldom wear any, though. I don't dress up very often, and even when I do, I don't always think to accessorize. But the pretties don't go bad. Mostly. The earrings I bought when I had my ears pierced could only have belonged to a teenager in the late eighties or early nineties. I should really toss some of the scarier stuff.

  • I DID go home with an awesome tool for delivering head-scritches. Ohmygod it's amazing. Good when used solo. Amazing when operated by someone else. Now soliciting someone willing to make me very happy... and you don't even have to touch me.

  • Also, three CDs by the delightful patriciawake. I made it to at least part of all three of her sets over the weekend. Naturally, the song I liked best is the brand-new and unrecorded one. This will give me something to look forward to.

  • They say that if you can't get laid at Wicked Faire, you can't get laid anywhere. This does not augur well for my future. However, I did get a kick out of aiding and abetting the assignation of others. Honestly, for me the flirty giggly nervous parts are a lot more fun by proxy, without anything at stake personally.

  • The fashion show was amazing. It helped that two of the four designers, Mayfaire Moon and Kristin Costa are particular favorites of mine. But it was also well organized and staged, and just a lot of fun.

  • Speaking of a lot of fun, if you haven't yet seen "The Hero of Hogwarts", you should watch this:

  • It dawned on me the day AFTER WF was over that possibly the Cris from New York who I'd been eating breakfast with might be the same Cris from New York that soupkills and calloocallay had told me to look for two years ago. Oops. In my defense, it's a common name and a big city.

  • I did go to the Goblin Market, an event-within-an-event which was mysterious and intriguing on the internet ahead of time. In reality, it was a little disappointing. I think I was hoping for a little more flea market and a little less of just another burlesque performance. But I loved the concept, I'm happy to have supported it, and I hope it's refined further in future.

  • I still have never heard Voltaire perform. And with lines like that to get into the concert, it's entirely likely I never will. Good grief.

And lots of other stuff. It can't possibly have been just a weekend, can it?

And then I went home and slept for three days, more or less. Now my sinuses are reminding me that I am not immune to concrud, just resistent to it. Must Not Tempt Fate.
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