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Life with cats

I had a half-dozen heavy and bulky objects to bring into the house, so I went in, caught Murphy (the adventurous cat) and shut him in the downstairs bathroom so I could leave the front door open.

As I brought the first load in, Alex (the timid cat) came down from the second floor and looked around. He circled the living room twice while I carried things, edging closer and closer to the front. Finally, while I was making my last trip, he started down the stairs to the front door, cautiously, one step at a time. I came up behind him, he started to run, and I actually encouraged him to go down and take a look. He made it to the landing, poked just his face out the door to look around, and then bolted back up to the living room.

I shut the door and came up, to see Alex sitting square in the middle of the room with a horrified look on his face. I let Murphy out of the bathroom, and he immediately headed toward the door to see if maybe I'd either left it open or else let some birdies in for him. Alex gave me a glare, and promptly followed Murphy and herded him back up the stairs and into a chair.

I realized that Alex had thought I'd been irresponsible and let his little brother escape, and the only reason he went near the door was to show me I needed to go out and look for Murphy.
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