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I won at shopping tonight.

I don't enjoy shopping, as a rule. Rather than browse for hours, I prefer the surgical strike method. Go directly to the item, purchase, leave. Unfortunately, clothing seldom works that way. Sizes are approximations at best, so finding something that fits and looks good can take a very long time. It takes longer if you need a specific item.

I have an interview scheduled for Friday morning, and I didn't have a suit or blazer in my current size. So I went to the mall to find a black blazer that fit, was of reasonably good quality, and didn't break the budget.

I went to the mall, parked near the first department store I wanted to try, went more-or-less directly to the store, to the women's section, and with very little delay to the right article of clothing. And it looks GOOD. Not just adequate but actually good. Sadly, finding it on a 25% off rack was a lie, but it was still within what I was willing to spend.

So now I am ready. Plus or minus choosing the rest of the outfit, brushing up on the firm, having my references ready to provide, programming the destination into the GPS, and assorted other minor details, of course.
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