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I stop by to skim briefly and catch up.  An hour later, I realize that I can't even say "Hey, good job with what you're doing, I support you" without writing seven paragraphs, combining two and deleting one, and rearranging the whole thing to convey my message in the reverse direction.

It's not that I don't know how to edit, it's that even the simple thoughts are more nuanced, and carry more tendrils of related thoughts and ideas, than I can fit in the length of a tweet or even a Facebook screen.  I've always said that I'm writing for myself, and it doesn't matter if anyone actually reads it.  So if the time I have to think is after midnight, or in the waiting room, or in the shower, then it shouldn't matter if I never sit down at the computer to compose the prose.

And yet, I feel increasingly isolated.  I'm having a hard time getting to sleep at night.  So maybe I need to write, for me, in that time when I'm not sleeping anyway.  Maybe I need to throw my ideas into the wind, and see what happens.  And maybe I do need to figure out who's listening, and what they want to hear -- because the addition of reply-to-comment functionality on Facebook has made me happier than anything else in social media since LiveJournal was relevant.

So if I were a tweet, who would I be?

  • They don't tell you that the physical and mental exhaustion of chemo applies to the caregiver as well as the patient.

  • Being a single-partnered polyamorist has led to a lot of guilt feelings as that relationship gets serious.  Also, fuck cancer again.

  • I just subscribed to two "middle-aged" magazines (Smithsonian and Nat Geo) and might give up a subscription I've had for 25+ year (GAMES).

  • The more controversial the Hugo awards get this year, the less I want to read the nominees and form an educated opinion.

  • The stronger my opinion on any topic in fandom, the less likely I am to be able to say anything about it at all. This applies to topics in my professional capacity as well.

  • That force which I call God and others might term "fate" or "the Universe" is telling me that it's time for Tiny Ministries to be in the world as well as my head.

  • Cherry Jello of Love, vs. Lime Jello of Dubious Implications.


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Jul. 6th, 2015 01:07 am (UTC)
Well I'm still around and listening. I wholeheartedly concur on the topic of Hugo awards and cancer and confess to curiosity about Tiny Ministries. Were I closer, I would drop off casseroles and regale you with humorous gaming stories if you wished. As it is, I'll wish you well and if ever there is anything I can do for you, please ask.
Jul. 15th, 2015 04:05 pm (UTC)
*gentle hug*
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