Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

My mailing list went hyper again last night.

When I call it my mailing list, of course, I'm referring to the one I read, not one I own. I don't even post, I just read what everyone else has to say. And they certainly say a lot - it's a source of an amazing amount of information. And they get most news and most of the stuff that goes around email about two days before my friends start talking about it. This is good, it gives me time to form an intelligent opinion.

Anyway, it ranges anywhere from two to twelve digests a day. Digests, not messages. It's been in the 3-4 range lately. There were 6 in my inbox this morning, and another within two hours.

Mostly they're talking about an upcoming science fiction convention and what to expect. However, in response to some comments about social behavior, the Real Live Rocket Scientist posted about the perceptions of the truly shy. It was incredibly insightful - I don't think I could possibly have described what goes on in my head nearly as well as he did.

If it had been on LJ instead of the mailing list, I'd have marked it as a memory so I could go back to it or refer others to it.

Then they started polling for LiveJournals of listmembers again. More people for me to stealth-read, boy-oh-boy! If I weren't too shy to talk to these people, I could just put them on my friends list... I found the juxtaposition of the two conversations rather amusing.
Tags: bujold-list

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