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Update on last night's entry:

Yes, I'm OK. Why wouldn't I be? The MP3 player, probably not. We'll have to see once it's had 24 hours to dry out, but I doubt it.

He was going to borrow it last weekend to go to Virginia so he could listen to CDs instead of radio. Then he didn't go. But it never got removed from the top of his laundry basket... and then he did laundry last night.

I'm still a little unclear how he got it into a side-loading washer without noticing it, given that the case and the stuff in it make it both heavy and sizeable.

He called me from the laundromat and whimpered that he didn't want to come home, because he was afraid I was going to kill him. Am I really that scary?

I just laughed about it. I think it's funny. He'll have to replace it, of course. But it doesn't have sentimental value or anything, it's just an MP3-CD player I bought at Target a year or so ago. And I just have to laugh...