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Once again, a Medfest skill has proved useful in the so-called real world.

I created and used a WordPerfect mail merge at work today.

It brings back happy memories (and not so happy memories) of printing 80-ish alumni letters down at the Aide Station, writing notes to the people I knew, and walking to the Madison post office to buy the stamps to mail them all. It lost a little of its charm after I bought the labels and we didn't have the Battle of the Envelopes. But by then I knew a good half or more of the people I was writing to, and it was almost as much fun as writing my Christmas cards.

I wish it could have stayed with someone with the time, dedication, and money to sink into it. But suckers like me are not easy to come by...

At any rate, that's what I did today.


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Nov. 14th, 2003 09:30 pm (UTC)
Hey, you'd be surprised at how well Medfest prepares you for the business world...

Wait.. that's a pretty sad statement there...
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