Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

I'm starting to get panicky about my Christmas shopping. And Christmas cards.

Yes, already. At some point I figured out that I enjoy the holidays a lot more if I get the work part done early. I like to be done with the shopping by about a week into December.

I'm going to have to pull my parents aside separately over Thanksgiving to find out what they want. I have no new ideas, and none of the old ones work any more.

It's much more fun to shop for friends. I can generally think of things for most people, and many of my friends keep Amazon wishlists. (I encourage everyone to keep and update a wishlist, incidentally. It makes life easier.) And I'm hoping that I can find DVDs to give people, to get some good out of Columbia House.

The first thing I need to do is update my address book, though. I know I'm missing some addresses already, and I'm sure there are others I haven't even thought about yet. Christmas cards must go out early! And that is important to me, much more so than many of the rest of the trappings of the season.

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