Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

I was beginning to wonder last night whether the cold was freezing my body, my brain, or both.

Mid-afternoon yesterday, I had to run an errand for the office. I was wearing my new leather gloves, which are kind of stiff. And as I got into my car, I jammed the end of my ring pinky finger (must remember it's not necessarily a ring finger just because it's the finger I wear the ring on) into my steering wheel. Hard. It hurt enough that I temporarily forgot my usually ample supply of profanity and just said "ow". Everything moved correctly, but it hurt. And, in fact, it still hurts. I have now determined that it's the third joint, the knuckle inside the hand, that hurts and won't let me apply force with the finger. As usual, I never realize how much I use a body part until it goes out of commission.

And then around quarter to midnight, daernhelm and I finally made it home from oidhche and palingyuan's house (finally because the snow made the roads bad enough that it took twice as long as usual). daernhelm asked me to walk down the driveway to see if there was a space before he brought the car down. As he was driving my car in a snowstorm, I was glad to oblige. Steph in sneakers on snow led promptly to Steph in snow on street. My dignity was somewhat bruised, as is my knee, but other than that no damage was done.

However, I won't be giving up my Queen of Klutz status any time soon.

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