Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

It's said that there is a Springfield in every state. This is why the Simpsons live in Springfield, for one thing. I don't know that it's actually true, but I wouldn't be surprised. For one thing, there are two in New Jersey.

There are a lot of towns in NJ that share names. In many cases, they will use different forms of government, so at least they can be distinguished. For example, right around here, Chatham Township and Chatham Borough. Which share a zip code and parts of the school system and other things, just to make it more confusing.

But if you think that's bad, New Jersey has no less than SIX different municipalities named Washington Township. And one Washington Borough. That's the highest number I've seen so far, but others come close.

I know that coming up with original names is challenging, but you'd think there would be enough to limit one use per state.

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