Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Weekend Report

For a change of pace, instead of driving 80 minutes south and west into PA, I drove 80 minutes north and east into NY. A warning for anyone who takes the route I do: the split of 287 and 87 (or the convergence, depending on the directions you're going) has been re-routed at some point in the last two months. It is BACKWARDS from the way it was at Thanksgiving, and the way it has been my entire life as a driver. I think it's much easier to navigate and makes more sense. But following auto-pilot through that area would have taken me to NYC.

I went up to White Plains to help soupkills pack for his move. I'm not entirely sure whether I was enough help to counter how much of a distraction I must have been. After all, we went out for two meals (and to buy boxes), and there was an hour or so of X-Box, and a great deal of silliness. However, I packed 5 china barrels of dishes and pots, 2 boxes of food, 2 boxes of books, and half a box of CDs and DVDs. And I nagged! It's always a good thing when one of my character flaws can be used to someone's advantage. By the time I left, I could believe he might manage to get it all packed by tonight.

Then last night I watched (most of) the Super Bowl with daernhelm. I managed to completely miss the breast-baring in the halftime show, even though I was watching. And the commercials didn't seem as good as some years. The football was actually interesting, though. Even if it is just WRONG for New England to have good sports teams.

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