Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

TurboTax is such a good thing.

While I was going through my tax return, the program showed me the table of tax brackets, mostly to show off the reduced rates. Bad news: my bracket's rate didn't change. Good news: this is because I'm paid so little I'm in the 15% bracket.

My refund is going to be just a little higher than last year's, by about the same percentage that my income is higher than last year's. Given the above, that sounds obvious, but given how easily things can change, I find it to be reassuring.

I don't e-file or get it direct deposited, making me very strange, especially for someone as computer-dependent as I am. I guess there's just something about getting a check in the mail. More practically, I'm so obsessive about my checkbook that it would drive me nuts to not know when it was going to appear in my balance.

As always, anyone in the area who wants to take advantage of my copy is welcome to do so. Just give me a call.

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