Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Dear Sandy:

Dear Sandy:

It isn't really work if you have fun doing it. We spent a lot of time having fun together. We made a good team, you and I. Your people-skills and my organizational abilities made up for our respective deficiencies, and together we had enough confidence and support to stand up to people who could easily overwhelm either of us individually.

Of course I'm talking mostly about co-chairing Medfest, but it was true of the rest of our friendship as well. I met a lot of people, and made some friends, while trailing in your shadow and letting you do the hard part of communication. I edited your papers, packed you for breaks. Well, everyone packed you for breaks or moves, frequently in teams or relays.

I fondly remember instant dance parties (Christmas lights plus a 5-CD changer), skipping across campus, and watching Dukes of Hazard at 5 AM on spring break. You helped me find my inner child, and my outer adult learned how to relax a little.

It was far from fun all the time, of course. Nothing is ever idyllic or perfect. We handled a lot of stress, a lot of vicious politics, our own neuroses and fears. For that matter, if painful and stressful moments hadn't happened, the fun wouldn't have stood out as much. But is it really any wonder that I prefer to dwell on the happier moments?

I miss you, very much. I worry about you, too. France was a good choice for you, but it leaves you so very far away. It's hard to visit, hard even to figure out the times and costs to call. But my thoughts and my love are with you always.
Tags: dear friends

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