Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

I had meant, yesterday, to post something about Sadie Hawkins. I'm just as glad I didn't, since it turns out I was wrong. Sadie Hawkins day is in November, not on Leap Day. However, Leap Day is still the traditional day for women to propose to men.

No, I didn't propose to anyone. I wanted to, but I didn't see anyone yesterday who would have taken it in the correct spirit.

On a less light-hearted note, Wayne died yesterday, at 6:45 pm. I was pretty certain of it last night, even before I received the email from my mom. Wherever he is now, I hope he knows that I love him and I will always miss him.

Added: For my own benefit, mostly. The title of the email Maggie sent out was "Servant, well done!" This is from the hymn Come Labor On and this verse in particular:

Come, labor on!
No time for rest, till glows the western sky,
Till the long shadows o'er our pathway lie,
And a glad sound comes with the setting sun,
"Servant, well done!"

Words by Jane L. Borthwick.
Tags: wayne

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