Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

I think I understand the concept of a wake now. It always mystified me a little - it just sounded depressing. Gather together with everyone and be sad? That's what the funeral/memorial is for, I always thought.

I chatted with Melissa on IM for a while tonight. We talked about planning to attend the memorial service, and about our guilt at not visiting. I pointed her here to my LJ. We talked about cats and candles, for such things are important (Cabbages and kings, not so much).

And after a while, Melissa said she felt less alone. I agreed. It's silly for either of us to feel alone. I've had everyone offer support (which I do appreciate). She's had that as well, and she's living in the same house as her mother, who must surely be experiencing similar feelings. But it's still not quite the same. Both of us felt a little better for knowing that there was someone else who understood, who had nearly the same relationship to Wayne, who was feeling precisely the same way.

I think that must be what it's all about.
Tags: wayne

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