Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Weekend Update

The weekend wasn't particularly exciting, but it was a good weekend nonetheless.

Friday night I did some laundry, and I spent much of the evening on the phone with turtle_morn, while amy_pearlman, blackfog and I worked to get her some pictures she needed for her homework. This was interrupted somewhat by cats on both ends playing with and chewing on phone wires and USB cables.

Saturday was a quiet sleepy uneventful kind of day. Talked about doing lots of things, didn't do much of anything at all.

Sunday, was a beautiful glorious kind of day. It's March, of course, so it's no surprise that such lovely spring weather was followed by waking up to snow this morning. However, Sunday was sunny and warm. I drove to demongrey's apartment with the windows down and music playing. When I walked into his basement apartment with shades drawn, it felt like walking into the Shadowy Pit of Bleak Apathy. So, I made him get up and go for a walk with me - whereupon he proceeded to run me into the ground, as I'm completely out of shape. I enjoyed both the exercise and the chance to spend an afternoon hanging out with just demongrey.

On the way home, I came as close as I've ever been to an automobile accident. I'm fine, the car's fine, nobody hit anything... but it was damn close and scared the crap out of me. I was headed north on Route 202, about to reach the circle in Flemington. The lights had all been with me, and I was traveling about 50 MPH. I started to slow down, because while 202 always has right of way on that circle, nobody handles it correctly. I make a note of this every time I go through, because it is not the way I was taught. I saw a white sportscar coming around the circle, and he stopped at the yield sign. I figured he'd go, as there was plenty of space ahead of me, and two lanes. He didn't, and then he did... and I didn't slam on my brakes because I assumed he was continuing around the circle and would pull into the left lane. And he did not continue around the circle, instead going straight across in front of me into the parking lot. And then I did slam on my brakes. And he SLOWED DOWN as he got to the edge of the parking lot, and my brakes weren't stopping me fast enough and I was going to hit him! So I swerved HARD, fast, into the left lane, clearing him and thanking God that there were no other cars around to get in the way. And then I skidded on the wet pavement... I got the car back under control almost immediately, but I was freaked enough that I drove very slowly for the next few minutes while I caught my breath.

Other than that, though, it was a very pleasant weekend.
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