Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

I felt really icky most of the day yesterday. Mild headache, nausea-of-the-head, a few other minor symptoms that are insignificant on their own but add up to yucky. I assumed it was stress-induced, since I took a couple of scary actions yesterday.

I woke up this morning still feeling yucky, and the yuckiness intensified. Finally around lunchtime, it occurred to me that I had a headache, and that was probably what was causing the rest of it. I took Advil and Sudafed, and within 10-15 minutes was feeling significantly better. Silly Stephie is a dumb-bunny who needs to remember to treat symptoms, not just ignore them.

The odd thing is that while I was feeling poorly, I wanted to curl up in a blanket and be pampered and taken care of. I'm generally of the opinion that sick people should stay in their beds and avoid others, especially when the sick person is me. About the only time I'm in favor of taking care of sick people is when the sick person is someone who evokes my maternal instinct. Clearly some sort of alien life form was possessing me.

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