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Weekend Update

I ducked out of work very promptly on Friday, and met oidhche, amy_pearlman, lurse, and daernhelm to go to David's Bridal to pick up and try on the bridesmaids' dresses. We took a few pictures, but since this is the same roll of film as livianne's wedding (and before), I may never manage to get it developed. Amy, lurse, and I scheduled appointments for alterations, on Sunday, April 18. We asked about handbags, but they didn't seem to have any in plum. We went to dinner at the Broadway Grill in Summit afterward.

Amy and oidhche were moving slowly, so I left to get a head start on the ride down. I generally drive slower than Amy does anyway. We agreed I'd wait at the Wawa part way down, since they should catch up to me not long after that. I dawdled my way through Wawa, enjoying the way that Teriyaki Turkey Jerky rolls off the tongue - that is, the way the name does, not the jerky itself. After a while I ran out of things to look at, and went outside and called. They had just passed the Wawa. I know I'm forgettable, but really! *grin* They maintain they didn't forget me, just the Wawa, and that the proof of this is that they were trying to call me while I called them.

Saturday morning, we started discussing lunch about 11:00. By about 1:00, blackfog and demongrey had completely lost their appetites, and Amy, Oid, and I decided to go to the Duck Deli. This is neither a place where they serve waterfowl, either as patrons or as entrees, nor is it the hotbed of intrigue and espionage one would expect. Instead, it's owned by people who moved from Duck, North Carolina, on the Outer Banks, and it has the quaint feel of many Outer Banks restaurants.

Following lunch, we went to a David's Bridal down there to see about the handbags. We had expected much better luck, as this one had had quite a few in plum when we were in before, in all the styles, and the one in NJ had not. However, it turned out that they had only two plum bags left. Apparently the powers that be have decided that plum dresses no longer need to be accessorized. It's a shame we didn't pick them up when we saw them before, but how were we to know? At any rate, we bought the two they did have. They're both the style I preferred, so I'm reasonably content, but we still have one less bag than bridesmaid.

After a quick trip back to annoy the boys, we headed to E&R's to hang out with R and the kids. We all went to a Japanese restaurant, which wasn't bad since the kids are amazingly well behaved. Baby-R consumed an impressive amount of tofu, while adult-R ate sushi. Some of the rest of us ate considerably more conservatively. Then back at the house, oidhche played Gauntlet with M. M, mind you, is four, so he was playing on a controller that wasn't plugged in. His advice was about as useful as what the rest of us had to offer, though...

After heading back to Amy's, we proceeded to make brownies. Last time we made brownies, I'd promised to make a batch for blackfog with nuts, so I made that batch and then Amy made a double batch of her usual gooey nutless brownies. Meanwhile, leftsphenoid was on the phone getting passed between us and undoubtedly being very confused. Amy, Oid and I ended up talking until about 4 AM.

And if that doesn't sound like a full enough day, I didn't even mention (in no particular order) a punch in the nose, an office supply store, trying to plan a shower, several different variants of vampirism, the first call to leftsphenoid, lessons in the fine art of massage, the first session of Gauntlet, a tongue that was described as being like a worm emerging from the sands of Dune, or ramifications of Eastern philosophy...

Sunday, unsurprisingly, I slept late. Much of the day was spent trying to get the wedding invitations printed, that having been the major goal of the weekend. Yes, the gardner_wedding is my primary hobby these days, why do you ask? We did find some time to watch a movie, and to enjoy the fresh air a little. The invitations got finished around 8:15, and I finally dropped oidhche off at home at about 11 PM.
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