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Weekend Update

Friday bordered on Day From Hell at work. Firing a lawyer is easy, especially if you have a good reason and they aren't going to argue. Getting rid of their files, however, is quite the headache. We weren't quite ready for everything even if she'd stayed till the end of the day, and she wanted to leave earlier. Through massive coordinated effort and working through lunch, we got her out the door by 2:45.

It should improve things here a little bit. This coming week it won't show, because Ginny's on vacation after tomorrow, and I have the tax appeal letters to get out in addition to trying to catch up on my own work and cover for her. After that, though, maybe with luck I'll be able to catch up and relax enough to consider more than one day at a time.

I drove down to PA after work, and found myself in the middle of a whirlwind of cleaning. oidhche and palingyuan were about an hour behind me. As soon as they arrived, oidhche dragged amy_pearlman off to Target, leaving me, palingyuan, blackfog, and demongrey to entertain each other. Some days, that would have been a dismal failure, as I wouldn't describe any of us as particularly social individuals. However, we muddled along well enough. Really, all it took was blackfog reading the back of the Doritos bag aloud. If that doesn't sound like a rollicking good time, all I can say is that you're missing out. Rold Gold Thin Pretzels aren't nearly as funny, though.

Saturday morning, we all pitched in to finish the cleaning effort before Amy's parents arrived at noon. I got to learn the joys of the Swiffer. I think I want one. Amy's parents left quickly after lunch; it was a very short visit.

oidhche, Amy and I had afternoon haircut appointments. They'd managed to schedule us not just at the same time, but also at three adjacent stations. This made the awkward conversation much less difficult, as we all played off each other as usual. I think the girl doing my hair found it distracting rather than entertaining, though. I wasn't thrilled with her, although she did a very thorough and professional job. I'm as yet undecided about the haircut itself - I'm waiting to see how it looks in another day or two. However, as a couple of the boys who usually tend to be disinterested and/or oblivious separately volunteered that they liked it, with no prompting that I'm aware of, I guess it must be pretty good.

A side note here: Isn't it peculiar how social interactions work? A month or so ago, I bought a pair of very cute boots, that I'm quite proud of. But almost no one would comment on them unless I brought the topic up, because "Nice boots" has a subtext that no one wants to risk invoking. I promise I know the difference, really. Yet "I like your haircut, it looks really good" doesn't throw up any warning flags even though it's a very direct and personal compliment on my appearance. I understand where the difference in connotation lies, and I appreciate the rare compliment enough that I certainly wouldn't want those to go away too. It just strikes me as a peculiar social convention.

Most of the rest of the afternoon and evening was devoted to wedding stuff - blackfog spent about three hours on the calligraphy while the rest of us tried to be very quiet and get the rest of it set up. Oid and Amy abandoned the rest of us to each other again while hunting down stamps. You'd think the Doritos would be a hard act to follow, but we managed a rousing discussion of religious politics, Scotsmen, and sheep. After dinner we set up an assembly line and got the envelope-stuffing done very quickly.

It was getting late, and I didn't flee fast enough, so I got exposed to a large chunk of internet silliness I'd hitherto been able to avoid. I have now seen Badger Badger Badger, All Your Base, and the hamsterdance. Yes, I never saw the hamsterdance before. I was quite surprised to learn it wasn't a dancing hamster in the style of the Dancing Baby...

Alex slept on me almost the whole night. He is a beautiful sweet cat, and I love it when he snuggles with me, but I am not used to having fifteen-ish pounds of cat (or anything else) on my legs all night long. When it got to be morning-ish, I turned myself around and slept on him for a little while.

turtle_morn joined the chaos on Sunday, fleeing from the ritual cleaning for Passover at her in-laws' house. As best I recall, the entire day was spent sitting around talking, interspersed with a bit of eating. I spent a large part of the afternoon working on a needlepoint, as well. I have missed having a project to work on, and I'm glad to have something to do with my hands again. notjustcamilla managed to stop by in the evening. There is not a lot to say about the day, but I think a good time was had by all.
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