Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

A different meme

I picked this one up from fairestcat quite some time back but never got around to doing it.

If you know me as...

Stephanie then you could be anybody.
Steph then you're a friend or someone who nicknames everyone.
Stephie then either you knew me when I was 4, or you know me now in person and well enough to get away from it.
Stephy then you knew me only between 5th and 8th grades. I feel sorry for you. Go crawl back into the hole from whence you came.
Princess Stephanie Taxicab then you are my parents.
Stephan-effen-o then you are either my mother or turtle_morn and either way I'm not going to answer to it.
Slucas then either you know me from Drew or you were in my art class senior year of high school.
Sluc! then either you're daeron or you're pushing your luck.
Scheherazade then you know Keith.
Angeline du Lac or Lady Cecily then you've been to Medfest.
Colla then you've played on Land of the Lost Unicorn or else you're abbreviating.
colla_centaur or collacentaur then you know me online, and probably only online.
Steggie then you're turtle_morn or amy_pearlman.
Bethe then you have me confused with my mother.
Liz or any other variant of Elizabeth then not only do you have me confused with my mother, you don't know her very well either.

If you know me as anything else, by all means comment so it gets added to the list.

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