Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

I am uneasy about the weekend ahead of me. I could have a really great time, and I'm hoping I will. There is so much potential for uncomfortable or awkward moments, though. I am trying to think positively, but I can't quite keep the worries out of my thoughts.

I'm not ready or packed yet for the weekend. I should have done that last night, but I went to sleep early instead. I figured I could get packed and do dishes over lunch. However, Joe wants to buy lunch for everyone, to celebrate Secretaries' Day belatedly. I should have known better than to count on my time.

Tonight after work I'm driving to Alexandria with daernhelm, to his parents' house. I'm very nervous about this. I haven't seen them since June, in Alaska. I know it won't be a problem. I just feel strange about it. Besides, if I can't handle it, I'll just call my brother and figure out where in DC he's living now. Besides, I understand that daernhelm's mother isn't going to be there anyway.

Saturday night is the dinner party. It's going to be roughly half people I know and half strangers. I really don't like having to be social with strangers. I don't like not being able to relax and be myself. For that matter, even the half I know are not really people I relax around any more. However, I am looking forward to getting to dress up. I'm sure this sounds strange, since most of the people I know can't imagine how I can stand wearing stockings four days a week as it is. I really do enjoy getting to take it to the next level, though. Last night I was picking out jewelry to take with me, and grinning with the joy of having the opportunity to take out some of my nice things.

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