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A real entry

Camping. Why am I going camping? I am the ultimate indoor personality. I don’t like being uncomfortable. And why am I going camping the weekend after two weekends of vacation? What possessed me to book up like that?

September always seems to get heavily booked, though. Last year there were three weekends of two different vacations in September. September and May. I guess because it’s the first and last months of summer?

I can’t say I’ll miss the summer. I don’t like heat and humidity, and without school, there’s not much meaning to the end of summer. Months and even seasons blend into each other. I’m not quite to the point of having years do that yet, but I guess that’s not too far away. Then again, I’m the one who still dates things 1989.

Speaking of school, I’m still waiting to receive the paralegal certificate in the mail. They are SO slow at doing anything. Either that or they sent it to my old address and B&K are holding it hostage. It may be essentially meaningless, but I’d still kind of like to have it.

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