Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Well, as it looks like the many quacks of yesterday have all petered out, here's the most entertaining of the bunch:

S> *quack*
A> *ducks* where?
S> Right here, silly, didn't you see it?
A> augh! killer ninja ducks! Nothing could be that stealthy!
S> It's all part of the spy training. Only the best of the best...
A> Only crumbled bread scattered on the ground can save you from killer ninja ducks...
S> No, even that cannot save you. The killer ninja ducks are trained by means of complex meditation techniques to ignore petty distractions like hunger.
A> Ah, but this is not just any crumbled bread; they've been soaked in duck sauce. and, as everybody knows, duck sauce is irresitable to ducks. Kinda like catnip.
S> Yes, but even as we speak, in secret duck laboratories, strange duck inventors are working rapidly to design a duck-sauce masking cologne...
A> Yes; that research is being sabatoged daily by one of our double agents, whom we've addicted to a special blend of duck sauce that he can obtain nowhere else.
S> This would be a dastardly plot, of course. However, it just so happens that your agent quacks in his sleep, and he does not know that his mistress is one of our highly placed operatives. He is carefully placed so that he thinks he is of great importance, but really he doesn't affect the project in the slightest. And he is fed a great deal of misinformation.
A> But of course he is only *one* of our double agents; we have the organization riddled through with them.
S> Naturally. You wouldn't even be a challenge if you didn't. But are you sure you have the correct organization? Do you think you know which ducks are really in charge? (Can I come up with any good answers that aren't straight out of Heinlein?)
A> if I didn't have the correct organization, how would I have This Secret Survelience Photo, eh? *brandishes a picture of a ninja duck*
S> Oh, come now, surely you know that the best way to hide anything is to put it in plain sight? There's ninja ducks all over the internet. You could probably even buy ninja duck T-shirts. We've got this great PR program and everything. But the ones you see are just the publicity ducks; most of them couldn't pass the training but look good in uniform.
A> Ah, but if you look closly, you'll see that this is a picture Duck Kwan Fu, the master of the DiB's martial arts program.
S> ...or, at very least, his body double.
Tags: ducks

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