Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

I have come to a somewhat strange conclusion. I take great delight in leftovers.

There are many reasons that I enjoy leftovers. Simplest and perhaps strangest, I like to look into the fridge and see food there. I'm always happy to have something to heat up for lunch the next day, or even better to eat for dinner the next night so I don't have to think something up.

Tonight, it's also a great feeling of accomplishment. Most nights, daernhelm cooks dinner. Tonight, I cooked. We both ate as much as we wanted. Then I filled up four Tupperware containers of various sizes with the rest. I produced a great quantity of food. I did plan it that way, making a double recipe when a single recipe is enough to feed us both with leftovers.

I think most people who have to cook for themselves eventually come up with the Grand Plan of making large quantities of food a couple of times a week and eating leftovers in between. I don't know how well other people succeed at this, but as of yet I haven't managed to make it work for me with any regularity. Instead, every night daernhelm asks me what I want, and I dither for half an hour before deciding on one of our standard choices, and we finally eat around eight o'clock.

About once every three or four weeks, instead I feel inspired, stop by the store on the way home, and make a large quantity of Something – generally either taco salad, or Beefy Noodle Stuff, which was tonight's option. daernhelm comes home surprised and confused to find me cooking, and we end up with leftovers. And, for two days' time, nobody asks me what I want for dinner.

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