Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Internet Personals

One night last week, I was bored and decided to poke around an internet personal site for a little while. I do this every so often, mostly to remind myself why I don't want to try to get into the dating scene.

This time, I went ahead and created a profile. Since I'm not really trying to meet anyone, I went for a fully accurate description. Somehow I just can't imagine that anybody is really searching for a self-identified Large Woman. At any rate, given that Fat Girl With Glasses is pretty much how I see myself, I think it would be silly to pretend otherwise. I don't have a picture attached, mostly because I don't have any recent ones I like. The one I use here on LJ isn't bad, but the haircut isn't quite what I'm going with on a regular basis.

I had one message within minutes of having my profile approved - "so, are we going on a date or what?" That'd be a no. Of course, it would have to be a spectacular person and message to be anything but a no. I don't generally do well meeting strangers at all, let alone out somewhere all by myself. I'm much more likely to get along with someone I'm introduced to by a common friend.

So, this morning I took a look at my list of so-called "perfect matches" to see what turned up. I was reading down the introductory paragraphs, not paying much attention to the identifying information, since they all fell within limits I'd listed. About a dozen in, I got to one I actually found interesting, that sounded like someone I could imagine introducing to my friends. Then I looked at the picture. Yes, in fact, one of my "perfect matches" was someone I already know. *sigh* In a general kind of way, this is a good thing, because my friends ought to show up as people I'd be compatible with. However, it was just a little depressing after the brief flare of interest.

It's kind of like the lottery, I think. Even if you play the game, you probably won't get anything out of it. But you definitely won't win if you don't play at all...

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