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I'm tired and cranky, and I just want the work day to be over so I can get on with the rest of my life. I seem to be getting that attack of pissy people calling me today.

One of the plants alongside the house is growing over the sidewalk. I wouldn't even worry about it if it weren't for the thorns. It attacked my hand last night. I need to go out there with an old pair of scissors and teach it that I am the superior life form.

I'm going to go to the zoo tomorrow, but I'm not going to organize anything. Anyone who wants to go who I haven't already discussed it with is welcome to meet up with me there; give me a call in the morning and we'll figure out details. However, be aware that as blackfog pointed out, it's going to be bloody hot and sticky. Bring lots of water, if you're crazy enough to want to be there.

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