Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Just in case anyone is curious, the Philadelphia Zoo does not have a menu option for asking if the polar bears are in their exhibit. However, if you dial for an operator, the operators are happy to answer the question. The bears were in fact visible on Saturday, although neither of them went swimming while we were watching.

amy_pearlman and demongrey both came with me, braving the heat, although it turned out not to be nearly as hot and sticky as I had been expecting. Sunday was, however, so it's a good thing I picked Saturday. We were well-equipped with sunscreen and water - each of us went through well over 3 liters of water.

We all took turns with Amy's digital camera, but every time she and I stopped to try to do something with it, demongrey kept going, so we spent a lot of time trying not to misplace him. I don't know if any of the pictures turned out very well, as I didn't see them. The more I play with her camera, though, the more I want one of my own. I miss taking a lot of pictures, and while I still prefer film cameras and prints, digital has some major advantages that would work better with the way I actually do things. Someday when I win the lottery...

Otherwise it was a fairly quiet weekend. We all did some minor things for the gardner_wedding, but nothing particularly noteworthy that I recall.

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