Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Weekend Report

Thank goodness for a three-day weekend. No matter how long a break is, though, it's never quite long enough.

Saturday morning was the second fitting/pick up for the bridesmaid dresses for the gardner_wedding. lurse and amy_pearlman just needed to have their hems adjusted; mine needed both that and to have the waistband tightened, as apparently I've lost (or rearranged) weight in the last month. That's a happy kind of reason to need further alterations, though. daernhelm and A-the-non-LJ-user were both quite patient and amused each other, as far as I know. They also were kind enough to consult about the colors of the dresses and the shoes.

We then all drove to the Bridgewater Mall, where oidhche and palingyuan met us for lunch and a trip through Macy's jewelry department. The male members of the group took great delight in bringing over all the truly hideous pieces, in order to distract the rest of us from what needed to be done. Once all was accomplished, we left lurse and A on their way to the Disney store and pointed the rest of the convoy southward. I had daernhelm drive my car, and I rode with Amy, as we had errands to run on the way.

While we waited for soupkills to arrive, blackfog read aloud turtle_morn's LJ entry about her in-laws, so we could all feel her pain equally. Then demongrey ran a D&D game for all of us (except Amy).

Most of us were moving a little slowly Sunday morning, so we were surprised when demongrey and daernhelm returned a little after noon. They and blackfog and oidhche descended to the basement to play Godlike around 2. We kicked soupkills out the door around 2:30, and he managed to thoroughly scare the cats (and surprise the humans) on his way out. palingyuan, amy_pearlman and I left shortly thereafter for the mall; I needed to take a pair of jeans back to Sears to have the exploding ink device removed, and we went shopping after that was accomplished.

That evening after the guys finished their game, we played a board game I'd picked up at the mall, called Loser. It was a fun way to spend the evening, but I don't think it's got a lot of replay value within any one group, short of making up entirely different sets of questions. It turned out that I am not in fact the biggest loser.

Monday morning I decided to do dishes when I got up. Apparently time off doesn't seem right without dishes... Aside from that, it was such a chilly, dreary day that all of us spent a large part of the day sitting around drinking warm beverages and watching television underneath comforters. Some computer unhappiness complicated the evening slightly, but other than that it was very much a quiet uneventful day. As always, I was sad to have to come home and to go to work this morning.

So, a pretty good weekend all in all. Of course, I apparently can't even manage to do laundry without getting hurt, as I managed to cut myself on the door of the dryer, and yesterday I must have pulled a muscle or something, because my side is hurting a lot, but that's just life.
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