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Seasonable weather is a good thing, because it helps me remember that time is passing and not every day is exactly the same. I'm trying to convince myself of this. But I'm incredibly glad I got the car's AC fixed when I did.

If I were still in high school, I'd be calling around to everyone I knew with a pool, hoping for an invitation to come over and go swimming. Actually, high school has nothing to do with it - if I knew anyone within half an hour's drive who had access to a pool, I'd be angling for the invitation right now.

The best summertime friend I had growing up was Dena. She lived within walking distance, and her mom loved me and thought I was a good influence and was always willing to have me over. And they had an above-ground pool. Fortunately enough for my self-respect, she was also someone I spent a fair amount of time with during the rest of the year as well. Both of us baby-sat for a number of the families on her street, and we'd often have the kids playing together. One of the families that both of us sat for had an in-ground pool, and I remember that a couple of times my mom came over while I was watching the kids so we could all go swimming.

You'd think, as much as I enjoy swimming, that I wouldn't have hated my swimming lessons at the YMCA quite so much. I've never much cared for the indoor chlorine swamp, however. Even that wouldn't have been quite so bad if it weren't for the way the lessons worked. There were about half a dozen different classes, broken up by ability level. I had no trouble passing through the first few. Then I hit a plateau, where I kept repeating the same level. The second time I failed the test at the end, they told me that I'd done everything beautifully, I just wasn't fast enough swimming the length of the pool. After failing the third time through, I stopped getting changed and spent the next session reading a book in the locker room. Eventually I explained to my mother that I wasn't going back, and why.

I understand why they had a speed requirement to progress to the next level. But I really wish they had a grade on the evaluation between pass and fail, something along the lines of pass but do not continue. I learned absolutely nothing by repeating the class. They only taught the same set of skills, which I'd already learned, and we didn't spend enough time swimming the distance for me to be able to build muscle strength and improve my speed.
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