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I have read a fair number of Regency romances. One of the common entertainments described is the house party, where a number of couples and older singles would go visit at a friend's estate for several days or a week at a time. There would be a variety of amusements planned, and a fair amount of empty time for socialization. Neighbors would come for some of the activities, and then return home in the evenings.

Holiday weekends at blackfog and amy_pearlman's house in PA are not too different in concept from the Regency-era house party, I've come to believe.

Friday after work, I took daernhelm to pick up his new car. It's a black Saturn Ion, and very nice. I'll be happy not to have to drive him around any more, too. (Of course, since he's now driving to work instead of taking public transit, he is leaving later, so he woke me up this morning...)

Then I drove down to PA as usual, arriving only a little later than my ordinary time. It was a quiet evening, mostly talking about not much in particular along with some logistics for the weekend.

Saturday morning involved a great deal of cleaning. By early afternoon, blackfog (BF) (I'm going to abbreviate and/or drop repeated LJ-tags, since this was a people-heavy weekend...) and demongrey went to prepare for the projected gaming session, while Amy and I went out shopping for everything still needed. (It was a great shopping trip; I found a new watch, and a belt. I've been looking for a decent belt for a long time.)

By the time we got back, oidhche, palingyuan, lurse, and A had all arrived. We all chatted a bit, and had dinner, while A made apple pie. Then most of us descended to the basement to game. Amy and L'urse went out for a while, and returned at the same time that soupkills arrived. It was late enough at that point that our pie break stretched into stopping for the evening. Due to lack of sleep space at Amy and BF's place, I was the lucky winner of an all-expenses-paid trip to DemonGrey's sofa, about 20 minutes away. I didn't sleep particularly well, due to both humidity and never having slept there before, but it was probably still better than the alternative would have been.

Sunday morning, DemonGrey and I chatted for a while, and then went swimming! I haven't been swimming in a very long time, and I have missed it greatly, so this was definitely the highlight of my weekend; possibly the highlight of my summer as well, we'll have to see. I realized about ten minutes after we got to the pool that I'd forgotten to put on my sunscreen before we left his apartment, and I was starting to burn. We stayed out for an hour anyway. This had a wonderful effect on my state of mind, as swimming relaxes me very much and allows me to clear my mind. Sadly, the effect on my skin was not nearly so wonderful. I have had worse sunburns in the past, but I think this has to rank in the top five. I'm just glad that this bathing suit has a very high neckline, so it's only my face and shoulders that are this lovely shade of hot pink. It hurts, and it is possibly one of the stupidest active choices I've ever made, but since I don't know when and if I'll get to go swimming again, I think it's worth it. Although, if (when) I peel, I may change my mind.

We went back to Amy and BF's house, where daeron had arrived, and Oidhche was about to leave for a barbecue elsewhere. After food, we returned to the game, albeit with a few substitutions. I'm not sure if it went quite the way BF had planned it, but I know it was quite a bit of fun to play. Once we killed our dragon, we headed out to a restaurant to eat. While I was driving back again, we saw fireworks off to the left. It's hard to drive straight while staring over your shoulder at the pretties.

L'urse and A had to leave at this juncture, but the rest of us sat around and played Loser. While at this point I think Amy, BF and I need a new set of questions, I do think we've definitely gotten our money's worth out of the game. Interestingly, because of the time limits on some of the questions, some of my answers have changed. The website has a link for submitting new questions; I'm tempted to start sending them some of the ones we've come up with while playing.

Monday morning, Amy and Oid made french toast and sausage, and sliced up a bowlful of strawberries. Interesting that strawberries inspire a greater feeding frenzy than the meat does. Most of the rest of the day was quiet and understated. Eventually Oid talked us into getting and playing Cranium, which he'd played the day before. I was familiar with it, since I'd played with daernhelm and his family a couple years ago, but it was new to the rest of the group. Everyone seemed to be having fun, though, so I'm hoping we'll give it a try again.

After the game, it was time to wend our separate ways home. However, Oid and Paling had invited people back to their place. After I showered, I collected Daernhelm, and we went over, along with crifmer, L'urse, and A. We talked for a bit, then went to a diner for dinner or dessert as appropriate. All of us abused Crifmer shamelessly, which he seemed to tolerate all right, although he's definitely out of practice. And I've forgotten what exactly it was that A did, but I declared that he is no longer a WonderBoy-In-Training but is instead a full-fledged WonderBoy.

Balance sheet for my weekend: On the negative, one hell of a sunburn, one slightly bruised stomach, one scraped thumb (cause unknown but probably something in my car), and one broken low-profile lawn chair (which collapsed under Paling during the Cranium game, but wasn't her fault as it's been used heavily for quite some time). On the positive, a lovely hour of swimming, three very different but entertaining games, and quite a lot of good quality time with my friends. Sounds like a positive to me.

Meanwhile, the one thing I didn't manage to do when I meant to was to wish caniswolfie a very happy birthday. Hope he had one anyway.
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