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So, Saturday I did end up going to Great Adventure after all. I still hadn't quite made up my mind at 8:45 that morning, while getting dressed and talking to blackfog and turtle_morn on AIM. However, I found pants, left the house, and met daeron and A at Drew. I drove down, and the trip was made light with conversation. A wanted to know, now that he's been declared a full-fledged wonderboy, what it actually means.

Once we arrived, we sunscreened, and went through the ticket and metal-detector lines. We could see demongrey ahead of us, but he was too far ahead to yell, and he didn't hear his cell phone (all day, but that was the first time). Finally we caught up with him inside the park, as well as caniswolfie and M, and C (an acquaintance from college) and his friend S.

I had a lot of fun. Not only was caniswolfie avoiding most of the same rides I was, so I didn't have to sit by myself, but everybody else was really considerate about going on less scary rides, instead of the really big coasters. I'm sure that put a damper on it for everyone else, but since I didn't ask for it I'm not going to feel guilty about it.

I managed to win myself a (small) stuffed animal on the boardwalk, too. We had wandered past the Guess Your Weight or Age booth. They had three options, actually - birthday within two months, which doesn't seem like a very good bet to me; age within two years; or weight within three pounds. Well, I would have been curious to see what he would have guessed for my age, but not curious enough to pay five dollars for it, since I think my age finally caught up with my appearance. However, I don't think anyone's ever guessed within three pounds of my weight without prior knowledge. I'm lucky enough that my build hides roughly twenty pounds, so I never look quite as heavy as I actually am. On the other hand, I think this guy also low-balled his guess, so as not to risk offending me, figuring that just taking the loss would be good for business. Turned out in the end that he was off by about fifty pounds. He'd guessed my target weight, not my current weight. So, I have a cute red froggy that needs a name.

Some other highlights of the day: the swings, always. Whee... There was the well-built guy in the line, whose girlfriend caught me explaining to demongrey that daeron was watching him (the guy, not demongrey), and proceeded to play it up for the rest of the wait. Bumper cars, of course, where I got a compliment on my driving on the way out. I got poked and tickled mercilessly all day long, between two wonderboys and an adopted big brother; while that may not sound like a highlight, the attention is very good for me.

daeron and I finally gave up and went home at around 8:30 - caniswolfie, M, and A were still going strong. We got back into Madison around ten, and once I'd dropped him off, I went home for a much-needed shower and sleep.

I spent most of yesterday recovering. I was tired and sore and drained, and had a headache that kept getting worse, at least until the evening when it occurred to me that I was probably still dehydrated. Watched some TV with daernhelm, and we put some time into packing and splitting up our possessions, as we'd also done Friday night. As projected, the most conflict was over the Warhammer paints. I've got two boxes of my books packed away, and need to do a third box's worth before he moves. There's so much that has to get rearranged now so he can get at his stuff to move it, and then get rearranged again once he's gone to allow for functional space. And I think I need to make a list of everything I'm going to need to buy. There's a lot.
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