Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Yesterday during the late afternoon and early evening, this area got hit by a band of thunderstorms. There was road flooding, and power blinks, including one while I was in the grocery store after a loud enough bang that I wondered if it had actually hit right outside. The thunder continued off and on most of the evening.

I used to love stormy summer afternoons when I was still living with my parents. They have a porch with big screened windows, and with some comfy furniture. I would crank the window down far enough that the rain wouldn't blow in [1], and settle in for hours at a time with a pile of books and a glass of lemotea[2]. Or I'd take a notebook, and catch up on my correspondence, muse in my journal, or write stories and bad poetry. Sometimes I'd grab a word puzzle. If it was chilly enough, I'd bring a light blanket and drink hot tea instead.

The porch was fully wired [4], so at some point after I started listening to popular music I put an old radio/tape player out there, and would keep music playing quietly. It was still there last time I looked. And when it got dark, there was a light right over my seat. Sometimes I'd still be out there at eleven at night when my parents went to bed, and they'd only discover I was there when they came out to lock up.

Of course, I'd do most of that when it was sunny out, as well. But that didn't have the thrill of listening to the rumbling and watching the flashes. Nor did it have the peace of the rhythmic patter of the raindrops [5]. There was something about the rainy days that tuned in better to my soul, although perhaps it was just that my mother couldn't try to send me outside to do yard work or get exercise.


[1] Yes, I mean crank. The glass windows were slanted in banks, and they were operated by a hand crank on the windowsill. They were always really tough to get going at the beginning of a season, and one of them wasn't that easy even after being used all summer.

[2] Half lemonade, half iced tea. I didn't like either alone, but the combination was usually pretty good, except when my mother put mint into the tea [3]. Mint doesn't go well with lemonade.

[3] or if the tea sat too long before getting refrigerated, in which case it would go off slightly - enough I wouldn't drink it, but not enough to bother my parents.

[4] although something went bad a year or so ago, which they haven't repaired, so right now all but a couple of the outlets and fixtures are dead.

[5] I like rain, I like (regular) snoring, I love the ocean. I think I should probably get myself one of those noise generators. It might do wonders for my sleeping.

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