Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Picked up from tygerr:

The \\
Last Cigarette:Never.
Last Alcoholic Drink:I can't remember.
Last Car Ride:Drive to work this morning.
Last Kiss:Last Wednesday. Or was it Thursday?
Last Good Cry:About 3 AM.
Last Library Book:Years ago - probably A Storm of Swords
Last book bought:Flatland, Gnomes, and 3 other used books
Last Book Read:Finished: Summers at Castle Auburn. In Progress: The Barsoom Project
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Again, don't remember - but I'm supposed to be going to one tonight.
Last Movie Rented:I don't rent, I buy.
Last Cuss Word Uttered:cushing letter and higley fax!
Last Beverage Drank:Snapple Lemon Iced Tea.
Last Food Consumed:Betty Crocker 3-Cheese Rotini
Last Crush:I plead the 5th.
Last Phone Call:some member of my boss's family
Last TV Show Watched:Probably the Simpsons.
Last Time Showered:Tuesday night.
Last Shoes Worn:basic black loafers
Last CD Played:I *think* the Mix Formerly Known As Love-Hate-Love.
Last Item Bought:the Snapple
Last Download:probably the most recent Windows update
Last Annoyance:The last phone call
Last Disappointment:Waking up this morning to a still-upset stomach
Last Soda Drank:Coke, at lunch yesterday
Last Thing Written:Not counting work, a reply to a comment here
Last Key Used:Office keys to open up
Last Words Spoken:Okay.
Last Sleep:Fitful, insufficient, and unsatisfying
Last Ice Cream Eaten:Ooh, the special at Friendly's!
Last Chair Sat In:office desk chair
Last Webpage Visited:This survey, of course


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