Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

I think I must have had a "normal" sleep pattern last night. I remember dreaming, and I remember fragments of the dreams, but nothing was particularly vivid or memorable. This is unusual for me, as most often I don't remember dreaming at all, and when I do it tends to be vivid and unsettling.

I do remember the bit about the world's largest silverfish. This thing must have been about two feet long, whereas usually the biggest ones I see are nearing two inches. I'm not sure who was with me, but there was a lot of silliness as we attempted to avoid getting near it while concocting a Dastardly Plot to squish it.

Then, in what I hope was a different dream, I had a bit of Perfectly Normal Life in contrast to the surrealism of the previous bit. oidhche and I walked into a room (not one I'm familiar with) where amy_pearlman and some unidentified other people were already sitting. Oid and I both chose to sit on the floor, even though there were chairs available. As I lowered myself, creaking and groaning, Amy said something. I replied, "Well, life just sucks like that," and leaned back against an empty chair. And a few minutes later demongrey came in and sat in the chair I was leaning against, and kicked me (accidentally, I assume). If it had been a room I'd ever seen before, I would have thought it was a flash of memory instead of a dream.
Tags: dreams

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