Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Well, yesterday was Melissa's birthday. I called her, but she was at an outdoor concert with friends, so we didn't talk much. She'll call me next week and we'll catch up then. It's guaranteed we'll talk at least once a year, after all.

It's mostly a joke when I say that everyone (or everyone important) has August birthdays, but not entirely. Several of the people I was most drawn to in high school were within a week of my age, and goodness knows I met a hell of a lot of Leos in college. But it's also true that I'm much more likely to remember August birthdays.

It got me to thinking about distributions of birthdays, though, at least partly because I've ended up discussing the characteristics of various astrological signs a lot, and because I wondered just how accurate my impressions were. So, I wrote down all the people whose birthdays I remember or could find out easily - not just current friends, but former friends, co-workers, relatives, friends' relatives...

1. I do, in fact, know a hell of a lot of Leos. Even discounting those I only remember because of that, it's still a lot.

2. I also know more Libras than I thought. And Libras are prolific LJ posters - 3 of the top 4 posters on my friends list are Libras.

3. Apparently I only know one Aries. In fact, I can only remember three I've ever known. This is interesting, because I thought I had a history of attractions to Aries. If I did, I've long since forgotten most of them...

4. Taurus is the only sign I don't have a LJ friend in. So I'd better not generalize about anything else if it's uncomplimentary. That being said, there are a couple of generalizations that immediately spring to mind.

5. The elemental associations make sense now. So do some of my relatives.

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