Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Where I belong

Of course I followed everyone else's lead. I, too, am a sheep.

It appears I'm also still a New England girl at heart:

Salisbury, Maryland Population: 26,000
Newport, Rhode Island Population: 26,500
Providence, Rhode Island Population: 955,500
Baltimore, Maryland Population: 4,750,000
Andover, Massachusetts Population: 31,000 (Andover is one town over from where I grew up.)
Nantucket, Massachusetts Population: 9,300
Easton, Maryland Population: 11,700
Morgantown, West Virginia Population: 27,000
Cape Cod, Massachusetts Population: 222,000
Provincetown-Truro, Massachusetts Population: 5,500
Westerly, Rhode Island Population: 23,000
Essex, Connecticut Population: 6,150
New Haven, Connecticut Population: 523,000
Elkins, West Virginia Population: 7,600
Boston, Massachusetts Population: 3,400,000
Lincoln, Massachusetts Population: 8,000
Middlebury, Vermont Population: 8,250
Hagerstown, Maryland Population: 37,000
Amherst, Massachusetts Population: 39,000
Northampton, Massachusetts Population: 29,000
Johnson, Vermont Population: 3,200
Hartford, Connecticut Population: 825,000
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia Population: 660
Brattleboro, Vermont Population: 12,000

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