Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

This was not, I think, one of my better birthdays.

Joe's mother died over the weekend, as expected. This made today rather depressing, since every time I talked to anyone on the telephone I had to pass along that news. Meanwhile, within the office we were talking about the funeral plans, how much to spend on flowers, and so forth. I have more of the same to look forward to tomorrow.

On the way out tonight, I jokingly asked Ginny if she thought I should buy myself a cupcake on the way home, to eat as a birthday cake. She gave me a horrified look. Apparently, with all that was going on, she'd completely forgotten even though it was on the calendar. I had just assumed that under the circumstances, we were just skipping it, and if everybody felt the need to eat cake and sing badly, we could do it next week.

I was certainly not forgotten, however. I had e-cards from notjustcamilla and my mom; LJ greetings from soupkills, daeron, and ourika; telephone calls from Melissa and daernhelm; and an email from the Bujold-list Birthday Tixie. And, of course, I'd seen turtle_morn, amy_pearlman, blackfog, and demongrey over the weekend. My heartfelt thanks to all of my friends for making up for an otherwise crappy day.

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