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Friday night I made what may perhaps have the best decision I've made in ages. It had been a hectic day at work, and I knew the weekend was going to be pretty crazy. So, instead of packing and leaving as soon as possible after work, I took a nap for about an hour, and then took a shower, before collecting my things and getting on the road.

I got to amy_pearlman and blackfog's house around half past nine. oidhche, daeron and emmers_m had all arrived some time earlier. It was fairly low-key; we all sat around and watched the Olympics for a while, then sorted out sleeping arrangements and turned in relatively early.

Saturday was the big trip of the summer, to the PA Renaissance Faire. Amy, Oid, Daeron and I ended up running a little late, to no one's surprise. We got to the parking lot in the midst of a tremendous thunderstorm. Thanks to the joy of cell phones, everyone managed to communicate from our various soggy locations, and to attempt to formulate a plan. Finally, around noon, Amy and I got bored of her car and waded over to caniswolfie's car to talk to him, M, leftsphenoid and soupkills directly. I got drenched, but by then I just didn't care any more. E, R, and their kids and their nieces parked just a few cars down while we were talking.

demongrey, Em, daernhelm, B, sophonax, and notjustcamilla had all been on time, and so had been waiting out the rain inside shops within the fairgrounds. Amy told them to come out and meet us, and we'd go get lunch somewhere nearby and dry and debate whether it was worth going on. Of course, by the time they made it out, the rain had nearly stopped, and all of us ended up going right in anyway.

I struck off on my own, at first - groups of more than about 4 people get unwieldy at that sort of event. Of course, "meander" doesn't seem to be one of my speed settings, so I'd gone past a good two-thirds of the shops within the first 15 minutes or so. After that, I listened to a number of the musical groups with Oid and Daernhelm, and later wandered for a while with Daeron. I did see the Great Blobs o'People off and on, but I hadn't the patience to stick with them very long.

Sadly, because of the weather, I didn't take as many pictures as I'd hoped, but I do have a few. If I figure out how to put them somewhere I'll link them. I did, however, get a lot of great reactions to my T-Shirt("You don't need to look at my chest. These aren't the breasts you're looking for. Move along."), including one from a woman who wanted to know where to get one for her daughter.

A little after five, replete with popcorn, nuts, and CDs, we began to disperse. E, R, and the family left before the rest of us - it was a long day for the little ones. Daernhelm, B, and KC (Okay, I cheated on that one) stayed behind. We said goodbye to Mr. Camilla and pinkythemoose (who'd been last to arrive) out in the parking lot, but not before Mr. Camilla and I had been surprised by seeing a former acquaintance of ours in the winery. She either didn't recognise us, or pretended not to, as we did.

Back at Chaos Central, BF's game with tristam, adpaz, and MK was just ending at about the time we arrived. They didn't stay for long, but I had the most civil conversation with MK that I've had in years. I was a little disappointed that he apparently didn't read my shirt, though, as I'd bought it partially with him in mind. After they left, the eleven of us went to Outback for dinner. I had DG and Soup in the car with me on the way there, and they were cracking pirate jokes most of the way. Painful as that was to listen to, I couldn't help but chime in with a few of my own. Either of them individually is a bad influence on me in his own right, but the two together become nearly irresistible.

Sunday was a quieter day, although there were still lots of people around. I was up early, since I really can't sleep once people are moving around near me. I made a bagel run before most of the crowd was up, then Amy and I went out to the grocery store for fruit and milk and other such things. Mostly there was talking and music and the like for the morning. Oid and Daeron and Em headed back to NJ relatively early, since Oid had to pick up lurse at the airport. Amy and LeftSphenoid dyed each other's hair mid-afternoon. DG picked up museasylum626 from New Hope, and they joined the rest of us for dinner at the Duck Deli.

It was really great to see everyone this weekend, but I'd about hit my limit on social interaction by 1:00 on Sunday afternoon. When I got in my car to drive home, I didn't even turn the radio on for the first 20 minutes or so; I just reveled in the quiet and solitude. Then I twisted my bad ankle again in the Wawa parking lot, and wanted the radio as distraction. I'm kind of looking forward to a quiet weekend at home doing nothing, next weekend.

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