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I can never decide if I like Ginny's vacation days or not.

On the one hand, it requires that I eat early (by early, I mean noonish, of course) and in the office. And if I need to use the ladies' room in the afternoon, I have to ask permission, because it means Joe has to answer the phone himself.

On the other hand, he usually communicates much better, works harder, and is much more approachable. That doesn't mean Ginny does bad things, it just means he recognizes that when she's not there, he can't count on her catching anything he lets go. But, I had a whole list of questions for him. Some of them were multiple part or required explanation or required him to do something. We got through them all. Even the one that's been waiting since mid-July.

Now I need to plan a few vacation days myself. I think I'm going to take a couple in early October, to make a long weekend to go to DC and the Maryland RenFaire. And I need to figure out one sooner than that, and take a day off to get my hair cut, so I can cancel the appointment for next weekend and go to KRF instead.



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Sep. 2nd, 2004 11:03 pm (UTC)
Oooh! You're coming to KRF? Really truly?
Sep. 3rd, 2004 12:16 am (UTC)
Most likely. The only reason not to - the only reason I had for not coming up when you invited me, before - is that it's the only Saturday my hairdresser is available this month. But I really want to go to KRF, and I should take some time off anyway, so...
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