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So, trying to catch up here a little...

I've been swamped at work for the last week or so, too busy to do much of anything personal at work[1]. Morale's at an all-time low (I keep saying this, but it keeps getting lower). However, Joe's finally getting back into the swing of things, and it's flying fast and furious. Of course, he's still not paying attention to the things Ginny wants him to look at, which continues to be frustrating. On the other hand, he's taking an active interest in the backlog, and in projects that died a couple years ago. As stressful as the sudden inundation is, it's a really good sign. I just hope he can keep the momentum long enough for it to make a significant difference. We'll see what happens.

Last Tuesday I took a vacation day. It seemed horribly decadent of me, since I didn't have anywhere big and important and interesting to be. However, it was only the fourth day I'd taken off all year [2]. I finally got the haircut I needed so much. Since I was out anyway, I stopped in at Northlandz on my way down. It's an enormous model railroad, I believe one of the biggest anywhere. The tour through it is about a mile long. I have wanted to go for ages, so I decided this would be a good time.

Model railroading is really an old man's hobby. Traditionally it's a father-and-son thing, based on the train under the Christmas tree. It's the grandfathers who take it seriously, once they're retired and have time to devote to it. As with many of my father's hobbies, though, I was the one who was interested and not my brother. I've been a train nut since I was very small, although it's not generally something that comes up in conversation much.

Northlandz, thus, is run mostly by a lot of old men. Mid-week, most of the visitors are old men, or old men and their wives. It was evident that they were very surprised to see a young woman there, by herself. I felt like they kept looking for the man who was making me go. I ended up chatting with one of them, while I waited for them to get it up and running (I was there just as they opened), and he seemed relieved that it was a hobby I'd learned at my father's knee, and that I wanted to bring my dad next time he was in the area. I was amused.

I really loved it. If it's something that interests anyone, let me know, because I'd be happy to go back. I want to go back anyway, because I forgot to take my camera with me. On the other hand, it's probably just as well that I forgot the camera this time, since I just made it out in the time I had available.

It gave me something to talk about with my hairdresser, too. Turns out her father's got a layout built into one of the rooms of his house, and he'd probably love it. I told her where it is, and she was thinking about taking him there.

Beyond that, I spent a lot of last week watching TV. I'd seen several episodes of CSI with blackfog on Friday of the week before, and as crifmer predicted, I enjoyed it very much. So, I've been watching a great deal of CSI since then, thanks to SpikeTV. I love the show, and I hate Spike. Much as I fit squarely within the target demographics for Bravo, I couldn't be farther for those for Spike.

I watched The Prophecy with crifmer last week. He wanted me to see it because I'd never seen anything with Christopher Walken, but I have to admit that it was Viggo Mortensen that sold me on it. Regardless, the movie itself was decidedly worthwhile, and thought-provoking.

I went to church with johnstevensaul on Sunday. It actually wasn't nearly as strange an experience as I'd been expecting from what he'd said and from their website. It was a little more touchy-feely than I'm used to, but that's only to be expected from a church that's priding itself on being very liberal and welcoming. It's not quite what I'm looking for in a church for myself, but it is much closer than anything else I've been to in this area. So, I may end up going off and on when I'm at home.

We took a walk around the Morristown Festival on the Green, and then I headed south for a bit, down to K&G's house. I hadn't seen them since their wedding last October, and I hadn't seen the house since before they moved in. We had a pleasant afternoon and evening. K's had some health problems over the past few months, which are just starting to get under control now, and G's job situation has changed a couple of times in the last year, so it hasn't been easy for them, but they seem to be managing pretty well. I need to try to get down to see them more often.

So, that's all the news from Lake Wobegon.


[1] and too tired to do it at home. Not only I haven't updated LJ for a while, but I'm afraid I'm getting behind on my personal communication. I've also been trying to make the effort to be more in touch with some of the people I don't talk to as often. So, if I haven't been in touch, or just not as chatty - it's not that I don't love you any more, I promise.

[2] Two in June for the Wedding Of Doom (TM), one at the end of July for daernhelm moving out). I'm trying to get a few more scheduled for October. I'd really like to get all of it in by the end of the year this year, instead of losing it as usual.
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