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I spent most of last weekend in the DC area. For reference, most of the cast of characters are the same as those from the dinner party in April.

I had every intention of leaving my house by 11:00 Saturday morning, so I set my alarm for 8:30. It would have worked wonderfully, if only I'd remembered to turn it on. When I woke up at 10:30, I briefly considered trying to stick to the original schedule, but decided just to take it easy and do everything I wanted to get done instead. So, I didn't get on the road until about 1. Traffic was not bad, however, and I reached M's house in the middle of DC by 5:30.

M was out when I got there, but C, her boyfriend, was there to let me in. He asked if I knew johnstevensaul, and I had to laugh. I gave him a quick summary of how long I've known John. Then John came down the stairs and launched into the middle of a story about the guy he was going to dinner with. After about half an hour of trading catty comments with John, I turned to C and said, "Did I mention I know John?" I think, perhaps, we may have overwhelmed the poor boy.

John left for dinner, and M, C and I scrounged for dinner and then went out to Glen Echo to go swing dancing. We didn't get there until about halfway through the beginner class, and I wasn't making much sense of what they were saying anyway, but M and C showed me enough to be able to have a little fun with it. I had a really good time, although I wish I'd known more people there. That kind of dancing is all about reading your partner, and I'm just not good with strangers. I was having enough trouble dancing with C from time to time, and I'd at least met him before. So, I spent most of the evening just watching. However, it was a lot of fun, and I'd go again - especially if there were going to be more people I knew there.

Trying to get organized to leave for the MD Ren Faire in the morning was a bit of a challenge. Not my plan, so I stayed out of it as much as possible. By the end of the day, it was starting to make my usual cohorts look both punctual and decisive, though. M, C, John, and I were joined by adara9 (H), J, A, and a friend of A's who was another J, and the only person along who I hadn't met before. daernhelm met us at the Faire. (demongrey and museasylum626 had also been supposed to go, but had to cancel last minute. The second J found some people to buy their tickets, so it all worked out) Yes, if you're keeping score, that's 4 of 5 males present all with names beginning with J.

I slipped away from the hordes o'people as soon as reasonably possible, as I usually do. I wandered the grounds and got my bearings, and then sat down to listen to some music. After about an hour, I got some food, and then met up with M, C, H, and John. John left at about 2, but I stuck with the others for the rest of the day.

M wanted to go play dress-up, and I griped about never being able to find things in my size. Much to my surprise, not only is the MD faire the cheapest I've attended, but it also is the one with the most reasonable clothing vendors! We went into the leather shop, and I got fitted for a bodice (as did H). I was quite pleased to be only a size large, on a range from XS to XXL. I've been looking for one for so long that I had to buy it. I found a shirt to go under it at one of the other shops, and went back and got myself put into the bodice properly. I was looking forward to seeing daernhelm's reaction when he saw it at the end of the day, and I wasn't disappointed. There's a picture here along with the other pictures from that day. Of course, I completely blew my budget, but I think this was worth it.

Most of us went back to M's house afterward for dinner and chatting. The drive itself was perhaps one of the worst tandem driving experiences I've ever witnessed (even without getting blocked in at a gas station by a group of bikers), and I was glad I wasn't one of the drivers. I was, however, the communication link between the cars. Between that, calling off dinner with my brother, and talking to John when he called to say he'd smushed his bike, I spent nearly the whole trip back on the phone. How did I ever manage before cell phones? And why did I think for so long that I didn't need one? At any rate, everyone hung around M's until about 9; then after everyone else left, she and I continued to talk for another couple of hours.

I drove home Monday, again making the trip in about 4.5 hours. It's a much more consistent trip than going up to my parents', even if the distance is much the same. My office only called me once, and other than that it was a very quiet day. Tuesday I had lunch with oidhche, who I don't see nearly often enough. Then I went out to buy Aladdin, which is this year's Platinum DVD release from Disney. I have wanted that movie for so long! I watched it that evening, as everyone I caught on IM can attest. It's probably been 6 or 7 years since the last time I saw it, but I still remember a lot more of the dialogue than I thought I would. In retrospect, it seems an odd choice to have been the cult movie of a bunch of teenagers, but then any marching band is an odd bunch of teenagers to begin with.
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