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The foliage is incredible. I'd say the peak here was probably some time last week, but everything is still so gorgeous it takes my breath away. This time of year is the biggest reason I could never just pick up and move far away. How could anything match the crisp, chilly air, the bright blue skies with puffy white clouds, vibrant green grass, and leaves of almost all colors imaginable?

It's been ten years since I was in marching band, but October afternoons still make me think of parking lot practices, and on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, I almost want to go watch high school football. The only other time of year that I get high school flashbacks is late March and early April, when I remember rehearsals for the musical. You'd think that set of memory cues would have been replaced in college by Medfest preparations, but somehow the high school memories persist.

I know a lot of people with October birthdays. I haven't been acknowledging the ones on my friendslist, but I have been thinking of each of you, and will continue to do so. I still haven't called my brother, either.

A trend over the last few years is that I generally rediscover baseball each October. I can't ever seem to remember it over the summer, when it's relaxed. No, I don't start paying attention until the playoffs, when it's do or die. And it's always do or die, since somewhere along the line I gave in and admitted that I'm a Red Sox fan, God help me. I was up watching the game until 1:30 last night, because I had to know if they lost then, or if they're prolonging the agony to lose tonight. Then again, knowing the Red Sox, I wouldn't put it past them to win two more and lose in game 7 as usual - prolonging the agony is really what it's all about. Being a Red Sox fan in October is a mild form of masochism, unless like me you live in Yankee territory, in which case there's nothing mild about it.
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