Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Another one I took from ourika.

A - Age: 27
B - Best feature: Good question. My ears, maybe. I like my ears. Anybody else have an opinion?
C - Car I first owned: Meg, my 1999 MEtallic Green Saturn SL-2.
D - Depeche Mode song: Even after some quick research, I still can't think of any I know.
E - Easiest person to talk to: Myself.
F - Farthest from home that I've traveled: Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt.
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: The Gummi Bears cartoon.
H - (Real) hair color: Dull medium brown, beginning to grey.
I - Instruments: None at present. In the past, keyboard, recorder, flute, auxiliary percussion, and voice - yes, voice is an instrument. Oh, and balalaika.
J - Jellybean flavor: Ooh. Mint, I think.
K - Kids: Maybe someday if I'm lucky.
L - Longest car ride ever: Either the Florida road trip in college, or part of my family vacation out west when I was younger.
M - Mom's name: Elizabeth. Bethe for short, NOT Liz. Liz is her cousin.
N - Name that was almost given to me: Alexander if I'd been a boy - then my brother would have been Stephen. They had considered Charlotte, Charlie for short - I like that one. They had a lot of other odd ideas, some of which were used to name my dolls. They named Gertrude and Hepzibah. I named Dexter and Imogene-Jean myself.
O - Oldest living relative: Gaffer is 85. My grandmother's Aunt Gertrude only died within the last couple of years, and she was either just under or just over 100.
P - Phobia[s]: Creepy-crawlies. Spiders, insects, and other small critters with more legs than me. Yes, it is a real phobia, albeit one under (tenuous) control. I'm not sure if my fear of heights and crowd-panic are severe enough to qualify as acrophobia and claustrophobia.
Q - Favorite Quote: "I don't know what you saw, I want somebody who sees me." - Dar Williams
R - Reason to smile: Beautiful fall foliage!
S - Song I sang last: "As Cool As I Am" by Dar Williams - where the quote comes from.
T - Time I wake up: Around 10 AM, most days. Alarm goes off at 7:30, I get out of bed at 8:15, I get to work at 8:50 or so.
U - Unknown fact about me: Unknown to whom? If it's unknown to me, I can't fill it in. If it's unknown to other people, I must be trying really hard to keep it a secret, because God knows most of my life is practically a matter of public record.
V - Vegetable I hate: Brussels sprouts.
W - Worst habit: Denial. Or maybe being a pedant.
X - X-rays I've had: Dental. Wrist. Ankle. Neck, I think, but I would have been 7 or 8 so I don't remember. Possibly chest, when I had pneumonia, but I don't think so.
Y - Yummy food: Those beef fajitas amy_pearlman made Saturday night.
Z - Zodiac sign: Leo.

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