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Stephanie's Soapbox

My experiences. My opinions. My venting space.

16 August 1977
Stranger than your average Steph...

Geographically, I was born and raised in northeast Massachusetts. I went to college in northern New Jersey, and loved the area so much that I stayed for sixteen years. I'm now living in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Professionally, I worked for twelve years as a legal secretary/paralegal/office manager in a small lawfirm. Much of the practice was municipal law, but we also handled real estate, wills and estates, forming corporations, business transactions, and a little bit of almost everything. I have a paralegal certificate, but I get about as much use out of that as I do my bachelor's degree (double major, religion and political science). Experience is worth much more than paper.

Personally, I am a near-sighted, overweight and outspoken woman. I self-identify as bisexual and polyamorous, but on both counts that's got more to do with theory than with practice. My interests greatly outstrip my experience. My political stance is generally liberal, but I am unaffiliated with any political party. My religious orientation is nominally Episcopalian, but my beliefs vary widely from the church doctrine. Also, I am an ordained minister, not through the Episcopal church but through a non-denominational organization. I am by nature shy, introverted, introspective, and at times painfully inept in social situations. However, humans are social animals, and I need interaction with others just as much as I need solitude. I am very fortunate in my friends; they are incredible people.

For another website, I described myself this way: I am prickly and cuddly, cynical and optimistic, shy and talkative, chaotic and organized, aloof and affectionate, independent and insecure. I love strength and vulnerability, passion and patience, extraordinary intelligence and common sense. I know that I am a curious contradiction. Can you handle that?

I consider myself to be a work in progress, and I'm the project that I've been working on the longest. Change is hard, but often good in the long run.

Beyond that, perhaps one of the best ways to know who I am is to read this journal. This is all me, ups and downs. I enjoy writing, and I welcome questions.